Monday, September 17, 2012

Sweet Streets Chocolate Torte

As some of you may be aware, when I'm not being all fabulous on the Interwebz, I also work as a digital sales lead for Barnes & Noble. This gives me plenty of options to see what sort of gluten-free cookbooks are out there, but until recently it left me with very limited options as far as snackage over in the Barnes & Noble Cafe.

Last week, they added a Flourless Chocolate Torte to the bake case, from Sweet Streets, and OMG let me tell you - that stuff is goooooood. It's rich and moist and filling and everything a torte should be, and at $3.50 a slice, totally worth it. You can even buy an entire torte for $35 in my store, although prices may vary regionally.

One thing to keep in mind - I suspect the reason the Flourless Chocolate Torte is not officially billed as gluten-free is because it is stored in a bake case full of gluten-containing items, which means you could be at risk for cross contamination (if you order it directly from Sweet Streets, it is in fact labeled as GF). However, if you're like me and lucky enough not to have a problem with cross contamination, I highly recommend checking this out next time you're at a Barnes and Noble and looking for something to nom on.

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