Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Living Without Has Free Recipes

Living Without magazine is pretty good, although my mom and I have agreed we don't really like the title of the publication - anyone who looks at me can tell I don't really skimp on the meals, so it ain't like I'm living without a whole lot of anything, other than wheat gluten.

Anyway, their website has a signup bar, where you can subscribe for their free recipe of the week. It's a good way to figure out if their magazine is something you'll want to subscribe to (I do) before you actually pay for a subscription. When you first sign up, you'll be taken to a page that includes several links to recipes -- and these are for really good stuff, like cheesecake, cookies, and lasagna, not things like salad which is pretty much gluten-free anyway.

Also? Chocolate Beer Cake. My world will never be the same.

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